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Office that fits your needs and shirt pocket
       Brief overview
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The following ia a brief list of DealOngo features:

Customer/Vendor relations
Inventory control
Plathform/Device Types

  • all of your business contacts, accounts and sales processes are always with you on the trips and visits
  • orders processed and stock managed quickly and easily
  • multilevel password protection with user security profiles
  • built-in calculator accessible when filling almost all fields
  • Can be easily customised to fit almost any needs
    Customer/Vendor relations
  • customer database
  • vendor database
  • define credit limits
  • define payment terms
  • define discounts and proper product price levels
  • automatically assign unique customer/vendor IDs or input them manually
  • store customer/vendor related contact details, personal notes, etc.
  • access and edit all the above details easily any time
  • manage orders to vendors
  • manage sales to customers
  • trace customer payments, debts, overpayments
  • view the complete sales and document history for selected customer/vendor
  • create any docket with automatic data import from selected customer/vendor account
  • automatically generated delivery list and status for selected customer/vendor with option to manage it manually
    Inventory control
  • item database
  • define product-related sales tax types for further automatic calculation
  • up to 5 product price levels in addition to standard cost and sales prices
  • scan and print bar codes
  • partial deliveries for an order allowed
  • inventory stock status
  • multiple product categories allowed
  • access and edit all the above details easily any time
  • option to accept same goods from different vendors
  • tracing the minimum acceptable number of items in stock with auto-order option (quick pre-filled Purchase Order generation)
  • manual stock adjustment allowed
  • individual pipeline predictions
  • create any docket with automatic data import from selected product account
  • docket database
  • easily create all necessary sales documents (Purchase Orders, Quotations, Orders, Invoices, Pro-Forma Invoices, Credit Notes, Delivery Dockets)
  • automatic corellation of all dockets with existing stock
  • automatic and manual stock adjustment depending on existing docket types and status
  • option to efficiently manage the stock deliveries covered by selected document
  • generate new docket on the base of existing one, avoiding unnecessary re-typing of already entered information
  • change the type of document while entering it if necessary
  • define different delivery types and their costs for further automatic calculation in all dockets
  • automatic product price calculation when creating dockets (can be overridden)
  • automatic sales tax calculation in all dockets
  • automatic calculation of totals and gross amount in all dockets
  • add any number of goods per docket by browsing your stock
  • set a reference from within a docket to any other existing docket
  • select delivery deadline
  • credits, refunds and returns supported
  • tracing the status of each document (not placed, on-order, cancelled, on hold, etc.)
  • print all types of sales documents
  • powerful database search system with simple and complex search criteria (filters)
  • custom search criterion (filter) creation - access and edit any existing docket easily any time
    Plathform/Device Types
  • PocketPC
    Devices based on Pocket PC, PocketPC 2002 platforms, e.g. Compaq/HP iPAQ, Toshiba e310/e740/e570, Casio Cassiopeia, NEC MobilePro, etc.

  • Communicators/Smartphones
    Converged devices that combine mobile phone and Pocket PC based handheld computer, e.g. Handsping Treo, Siemens SX45 Andromeda, O2 XDA, etc.

  • Notebooks/Tablet PCs/Conventional Office PCs
    Any PCs that run MS Windows 95/98/NT/2K/XP operating system.
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