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DealOngo Lite/Pro 1.0 Press Release
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DealOngo Lite/Pro v.1.0 Press Release

For Immediate Release - December 22, 2003

Turn your Pocket PC into smart and busy pocket office... with DealOngo!

dealongo Software announces the release of a new product - DealOngo software for mobile order processing, Click to enlarge stock control, and customer/vendor database management that is tailor-made for small companies and sole traders taking orders on the go.

Implementation of mobile solutions is known to be a time-, cost- and labour- consuming process. Apart from the cost of CRM and POS systems (sometimes reaching five- or even six-digit sums), they envisage thorough setup and customization for the certain user requirements, as well as quite a long time to master them or at least get accustomed to their specifics. DealOngo brings brand new vision into this area. For example, DealOngo Lite is distributed on completely free basis; its installation takes few minutes and makes you ready to work almost at once!

DealOngo presents an innovative approach especially lucrative for small business owners - it is very cost-effective, very easy-to-implement, and nevertheless powerful software covering almost all needs of traders on the go. It is ready for immediate usage, which, moreover, requires no accounting skills.

Pocket PC equipped with DealOngo is similar to a small back office with several trained managers, but requires much less expenses and attention, at the same time providing much higher mobility and convenience.

DealOngo handheld tool handles all stages of order processing, sales tracking, goods delivery and stock control processes for busy professionals. Its benefits include easy on-the-go invoicing, stock control, tracking payments, managing deliveries, customer/supplier records, tax/discount/price level automatic calculation, universality and flexibility, eliminating paperwork, and much more!

In your business travels you will have all the necessary sales data at your disposal - no time lost when serving customers, checking stock, placing orders or finding the right answer to the clients' demands. Achieve your goal during a single visit, reduce error chances, improve speed and accuracy of your services. Now all the required sales documents can be produced on site by browsing/editing your customer, vendor or product database. All totals, discounts and taxes are automatically calculated and updated for you in any sales document. DealOngo will optimise your stock levels and speed up document circulation: more time for improving and expanding your business.

DealOngo Lite is absolutely FREE version. DealOngo Pro version price is $119 (US) for full single-user license. Site, server and multi-user licenses are obtainable on request.

System Requirements
Devices based on Pocket PC, PocketPC 2002; Communicators/Smartphones (converged devices that combine mobile phone and Pocket PC based handheld computer); ARM/MIPS/SH3/Xscale processors.

DealOngo Lite and DealOngo Pro versions, full details and flash demo are available at our website:

For more information, feel free to contact:

Vadim Ortikov
dealongo Software
by fax at: +44-870-138-0965
or by mail form at:

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Free Lite version can be downloaded at (2.99 MB)

Screenshots are available at and

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